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    Milagro Center, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, enriches children’s lives through cultural arts, academic support, and Living Values in after-school, full-days off from school, and summer camp settings. We capture children’s interest with arts education, nurture their creativity, and recognize and acknowledge each success, no matter how small. We are then able to transfer their focus, enthusiasm, and new-found confidence to other areas of their lives. Most notably, Milagro children become more engaged in and take responsibility for their school work and learn the importance of education. Additionally, exposure to our Living Values curriculum teaches them positive and productive relationship building skills, helps them learn to accept everyone, and take personal responsibility for their actions and decisions. These outcomes not only benefit the children Milagro Center serves each day but also their families and the community as well.

    At Milagro Center, each weekday, year-round, more than 70 children in grades K-12 engage in experiences that change their lives, experiences that broaden their world view, and open their eyes to possibilities that can successfully lift them out of the poverty in which they currently live. Without Milagro Center, many of these children would be left in less than safe environments or on their own for hours each day. Milagro also serves another 600 children throughout Palm Beach County through its ARTreach program, which provides our arts and values instruction.

    The Milagro Center’s goal is to provide children with a nurturing environment and the tools necessary for each of them to become a strong, well-rounded individual. Milagro helps prepare its students for college, vocational school, and future employment opportunities, all with the intention of breaking their families’ cycles of poverty and creating brighter futures.

    695 Auburn Ave.
    Delray Beach, FL 33444

    Phone: 561.279.2970
    Fax: 561.279.2507

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