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    As one of the leading organizations in coastal conservation, Sea to Shore Alliance, a Florida-based non-profit, holds first-hand knowledge of the damage that marine debris causes to aquatic species. A component of our organization’s mission, which promotes the conservation of manatees, sea turtles, and whales to gain protections for larger coastal regions, involves rescuing individual animals from marine debris and fisheries-related entanglements during our research efforts

    S2S recently launched H2O, our Healthy Habitats & Oceans Program to address marine debris issues in Florida through educational outreach and direct intervention including cleanups and waste reduction efforts. The H2O team is traveling around the state in a mobile classroom visiting school groups and festivals to coordinate cleanups and share lessons on how pollution threatens our marine environments, and how one can prevent it in simple ways. Check out the #take4sea2shore initiative to see ways to put a stop to marine debris even from home! And please click here to support H2O and promote healthy habitats and oceans for years to come.

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