Rewarding Those Who Raise Awareness for Local Causes


Rewards for Causes is a growing community of people who are using the power of their social voice to support change and be rewarded.

Users on the website can browse a growing list of Rewards ranging from spa treatments to dining discounts, and learn how every action creates goodwill for thousands of people in their community.

Rewards for Causes works by using the power of social media to raise awareness for a local cause. The business that provides the Reward, in return, gets an easy way to give back and promote a positive image. The Rewards team estimates that the initiative will be worth thousands of dollars monthly in exposure.

In its first few weeks, Rewards for Causes has attracted causes such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, BoysTown, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Stand Down House, and Habitat for Humanity, among others. Rewards for Causes will continue to grow its list of local and national nonprofit partners.

“Our goal is simple: to bring communities together to help support local causes. We’re doing just that by rewarding those who use their social voice to raise awareness,” says Founder Nick Brusca.

Not only will Rewards for Causes introduce issues and raise awareness, it will invite people to get up and volunteer with causes featured on the website. “The goal is to help spread awareness for both household names and grassroots organizations alike, and to hopefully build a connection to issues that are being tackled in their own backyard. It all starts online, where users are more willing to take action,” notes Brusca.

During the beta testing phase, users are encouraged to provide feedback on the website to, which will continue to evolve as members of the community provide input.

Together, our shares raise an unprecedented amount of exposure of local causes that better the community. Join the movement.